We want all men to have an opportunity to be a part of a Men’s small group.  These groups of (typically) two to five men meet (typically) weekly and center their time around the Bible, updating, and prayer.

Starting A Group

  • Two to five men can start a group anytime.
  • Choose a time, location, and frequency to start meeting.
  • At the first meeting, decide on the group purpose and priorities. Use the remainder of this handout as a guide.
  • Select a caring leader who will encourage attendence and keeping things on track.

A weekly gathering can be very effective.  Less than twice a month will probably have less impact.

If you decide to meet in a public place, find a location where men will not be worried about strangers listening in.

Leader’s Role

Groups rise or fall on leadership.  The leader does not come as the expert but as the one who guides the group by sending out meeting reminders and helping the group stay on track during meetings.  All group members can also support the following group goals.

  • Send a weekly reminder about the meeting time and place
  • Start on time and end by the agreed upon end time. Men can still hang out after the meeting has officially ended.
  • Focus on group priorities during meeting times. Guard against less helpful tangents.
  • Encourage all men to participate; guarding against those who monopolize and encouraging those more quiet.
  • Seek to discern when God is directing the group to set aside the planned agenda. For example, if a man is facing a crisis, the group may need to give him extended time of encouragement and prayer.
  • Connect with other group leaders for training and encouragement.

Growing as a leader happens over time as you experience different group dynamics.  Training and connecting with other leaders can help speed up your own growth and benefit your group.

During A Meeting

  • Bible: Christ-centered conversations from group curriculum
  • Updating: Sharing openly about life-events and personal Christian walk since the last meeting.
  • Prayer: Sharing prayer requests and praying for one another.

Consider using “Equipping the Man in the Mirror” devotional magazine as your group material.  It has brief daily devotionals and a weekly “For your small group” section. They are available from Pastor Travis.

If you keep on task, one hour is probably a good meeting length. 90 minutes may be needed for larger groups.

Between Meetings

As men get to know each other better, they will hopefully start to connect spontaneously during the week.  Many men end up texting updates, prayer requests or encouragements to one or more group members.

Group Characteristics

Go over these characteristics at the first meeting and review when necessary.

  • Commitment: We will make a priority about attending regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Humility: We want to be quick to listen and slow to speak (James 1:9). Rather than one person dominating the conversation, we want everyone to fully participate.
  • Safety: Everything said in the group is kept in confidence.
  • Transparency: We all struggle in this fallen world. We do not want to pretend that everything is great when we are falling apart inside. As trust for one another grows, our transparency should also grow.
  • Support: We’re here to support one another, not “fix” one another. We’ll guard against offering advice unless asked.
  • Peacemaking: From time to time conflict occurs in a group. As growing disciples of Jesus we will strive to resolve conflict in a biblical manner by following Matthew 18:15-20.