In late 2016 God impressed on us the need to reinvigorate ministry to men at MSBC. A serendipitous connection Jeff Dionne of Man in the Mirror Ministries gave us a starting point to gather men together

November 5, 2016: Vision Meeting

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Jeff Dionne joined us to share vision for men’s discipleship ministry in the local church.  35 men attended with 23 expressing interest in four weeks of further training.   Jeff emphasized the priority of discipleship which takes place as men share “life-on-life.”  He introduced us to the “No Man Left Behind” model (summary here).

Other pieces of vision were shared, including:

  • Large group events are an opportunity for men to meet and connect with other men but they aren’t the end goal.
  • The end goal is to have men growing as disciples of Christ. This happens primarily as men connect with and learn from each other.
  • Large group events may target men at different stages in their spiritual walk. Momentum from events should be captured and sustained by providing a next step for men to connect more regularly with other men in smaller groups.
  • Our goal is not merely to have large numbers at “men’s events.” For many men, it makes sense to connect in ministries they are already a part of. We will look at what we are already doing as a church and encourage men to use these times to connect with each other.

November 12, 2016: Week 1 Training

Files: training-session-1-handout, training-session-1-notes
Video: The 5 Types of Men in Your Church (we watched the first 32 minutes)

This video covers a lot of what Jeff talked about the week prior.  Before the video we learned a bit more about each other by each sharing about a man who has been a major influence in our lives.

The men who attended agree that connecting with each other is important.  It can be challenging and it takes time.  Building trust doesn’t happen overnight.  We each have different gifts and may connect with different men in different venues.

November 19, 2016: Week 2 Training

Video: All-Inclusive Ministry to Men (4:47-32:00, 35:48-37:51, 46:36-48:40, 53:10-55:14)

This was a very encouraging and exciting meeting.  We started by writing down the names of two men we know who either don’t know Christ or don’t go to church.  A number of the guys shared their desire to see these men know Jesus. The video really is a must watch to capture the vision for connecting with men at MSBC.  The concept of “All-Inclusive Ministry to Men” is key.

We finished by talking about the following questions: What areas of ministry do men in our church already serve? Where do I see men growing as disciples? In what ministries or situations do I most grow as a follower of Jesus? What ways does our church already connect with men who don’t yet know Christ?

Some of the excitement came as men shared MANY ways they could see us make ways to get more men connected more in relationships and discipleship.  A number of possible events and connection points were shared.

December 3, 2016: Week 3 Training

Video: How To Do a Ministry to Men Audit

Zach Oliva helped us take a look at the dozens of ways we are already connecting with men and we started asking what it looks like to have men following Jesus with their head (knowledge), heart (love) and hands (action).  While some of the content got a bit confusing, we were encouraged by seeing how many ways we already connect with men.

December 10, 2016: Week 4 Training

Video: Capturing Momentum

As we talked about next things with Ministry to Men at MSBC, most of the guys were excited to get going and get serving. Three “next steps” opportunities were shared.

Four men are signed up to be part of a LEAD TEAM. This group will meet in an ongoing manner to seek God’s direction in applying many of the principles we’ve gone over in the past month.

Thirteen men agreed to be a Ministry to Men ALLY; supporting Ministry to Men at MSBC through connecting, inviting, training, and intentional discipleship.

Finally, twelve men indicated interest and availability to take part in three monthly nights of WORSHIP to be planned at the start of 2017.