Hello Men of the Hill,

I have two items for your attention in this post…


Quite a few of you have shared that you sense God’s call meet with other men to encourage each other in your walk with Jesus. Great! Let’s do it! I don’t think we need another planning meeting.  We simply need men to commit to meet with other men.

1) Gather some men and choose a regularly meeting time and place.  I’d encourage gathering weekly with two to five men.  If you’re looking for a group to join or are looking for men to join your group, let me know and we’ll start sharing available groups!

2) Set some expectations.  Differing expectations for a group is a recipe for failure.  Here’s what we want to see in our Men of the Hill discipleship groups.

Committed to: Meeting Together, Listening well, Humility, Supporting (not fixing), Complete Confidentiality
When Together: Honest and mutual updating, Time in the Bible, Praying Together
When Apart: Time in the Bible, Time in Prayer, Quick connects with each other during the week

3) Plan your content.  You have countless options.  Let me suggest you consider using “Equipping the Man in the Mirror” magazine (sample here).  This includes short, daily devotions, and a weekly section of group questions.  I’ve ordered 48 copies of the 4th Quarter 2017 edition.  They should be here in two to three weeks.  Just in time for your group to get started!


(find on facebook)

There is a “revamped” monthly men’s supper happening in local churches in our area.  All Christian men (and their friends) are welcome regardless of church affiliation / denomination.  I attended the first gathering in October, and heard there were over 70 men at Littleton Baptist in November.  The next dinner is at the Oakfield Baptist Church, Monday, December 4th at 6:30pm. Each monthly dinner will be followed by a time of worship and a message on one of the life-characteristics found in 2 Peter 1:5-7.

Looking forward,

Pastor Travis


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