Saturday, May 20 was a full AABA ministry day in the life of our church.  We had three teams of men serving all over our community.

Team #1: We had a group of men share their skill and some fun  equipment to prepare the ground for our new AABA building.  I heard one of our staff delightfully recount how Mike Nadeau laid out the gravel perfectly flat as measured by a level.

Team #2: We had ten men help sand the church bus in preparation for painting.  Darrin and Matthew Crane (not in photo) arrived early.  Tim and I arrived a little after 10 and found the job already 90% done.  Thanks guys!


Team #3: Thanks to the couple of men who worked with AABA in our monthly outreach and the carnival hosted at the Wesleyan church.

To all the Men of the HIll…keep an eye out for places to serve together.  It is better together!  If you are able to help with taping and painting of the school bus, more needs to be done.  Please contact Gordon or Dean Mitchell (456-6155) or Roy Fitzpatrick.  Thank you!  Glory to God and His peace to our community.

-Pastor Travis


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